Verizon Independent Testing Laboratories Certification Programs


 Verizon has made the decision to end the Verizon ITL Certification Program effective 4/1/2021. This includes the TCP, TCWP and FOC programs.


Moving forward Verizon will require all NEBS testing to be performed at an ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory with scope covering the specific testing to be performed. Any testing currently in progress will continue to be accepted by Verizon. 


Verizon continues to be committed to NEBS and FOC testing that provides the reliability and safety we have all come to expect from our networks. The end of this program in no way affects that commitment to NEBS and FOC testing. We look forward to continuing our close relationship with the laboratories performing this very important function. 

VZ.TPR.9305   NEBS Compliance Clarification Document