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Document: VZ.NEBS.TE.NPI.2004.015 November, 4th 2009



NEBS Compliance Clarification document (TPR 9305)







Document: SIT.NEBS.RQS.NPI.2005.028 April 9, 2007






In order to standardize the content and appearance of NEBS test reports, the Telecommunications Carrier Group has created a series of templates to be used for all Verizon NEBS evaluations.   The report template is a controlled document intended to be used for generating test reports demonstrating compliance to Telcordia GR-63-CORE and GR-1089-CORE requirements.

The reports generated with this template are required for Verizon or AT&T intended products, but the reports using the template are also accepted by Century Link.   Verizon also recommends that test plans be formatted using the Telecommunication Carrier Group report document.   Using the report template as the test plan document will expedite submission of the final report once the testing is completed.   Verizon will issue bulletins to the Verizon certified ITLs when any modifications are made to the template, but it is up to the author to assure that the latest template is used.

This latest copy of the template contains the latest changes from Issue 4 of GR-63-CORE and Issue 6 of GR-1089-CORE.   All standard report templates have been combined into a single zip file and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.   Instructions for the use of the templates are also included. Any questions or comments should be directed to Todd Talbot.


Document: Telecommunication Carrier Group Approved Report Template Issue 6 July, 2012