Verizon Technical Purchasing Requirements



VZ.TPR.9100 Series     Quality Documents
VZ.TPR.9103   Technical Purchasing Requirements Master List

VZ.TPR.9200 Series     Policy Documents
VZ.TPR.9203   NEBS Requirements by Location
VZ.TPR.9204   Labeling Requirements for Light Emitting Equipment
VZ.TPR.9205   Energy Efficiency Requirements for Telecommunications Equipment

VZ.TPR.9211   Vendor Power and Grounding Questionnaire

VZ.TPR.9212   Network Equipment Power Termination and Cabling

VZ.TPR.9300 Series     NEBS Documents
VZ.TPR.9301   SFU-ONT and MDU-ONT Design and Testing
VZ.TPR.9302   Regression Testing of Separately Approved ONTs and Power Supplies
VZ.TPR.9303   Test and Measurement Equipment NEBS Requirements  
VZ.TPR.9305   NEBS Compliance Clarification Document
VZ.TPR.9306   Req. for the Physical Design and Manufacture of Telecom Equipment


VZ.TPR.9400 Series     FOC Documents
VZ.TPR.9401   Checklist for Initial FOC ITL and Supplier Lab Audit
VZ.TPR.9402   Checklist for Follow-up FOC ITL and Supplier Lab Audit
VZ.TPR.9403   Single Mode Optical Fusion Splices and Splicing Systems
VZ.TPR.9404   Factory Move Test Requirements
VZ.TPR.9405   Reliability Assurance Requirements for Passive Optical Components
VZ.TPR.9406   Guidelines for Red Flag Risk Assessment Program (internal use only)  
VZ.TPR.9408   Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber Ribbon Fanouts
VZ.TPR.9409   Singlemode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies
VZ.TPR.9410   Monthly FOC Performance Summary Reporting and Tracking Guidelines
VZ.TPR.9411   FTTP Wall Plates, Moldings & Raceways
VZ.TPR.9412   Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Splice Closures and Terminals
VZ.TPR.9413   Test Equipment Repeatability and Accuracy Validation Procedure
VZ.TPR.9414   Red Flag Tests for Single Fiber Single Mode Connectors (internal use only)
VZ.TPR.9415   Declaration of Readiness by FOC ITL to Proceed with an Audit
VZ.TPR.9416   Periodic Requalification of FOC Products
VZ.TPR.9417   Generic Requirements for Outdoor Fiber Distribution Hubs
VZ.TPR.9418   Hardened Fiber Optic Connectors (HFOC)
VZ.TPR.9419   Factory Installed Termination Systems (FITS)
VZ.TPR.9421   Non-Concrete Splice Enclosures (Handholes)
VZ.TPR.9422   Red Flag Tests for Multi Fiber Single Mode Connectors (internal use only)
VZ.TPR.9423   Screening Requirements for Optical Components
VZ.TPR.9424   Test Requirements for MDU Drop Cables
VZ.TPR.9425   Red Flag Test Requirements for MDU Drop Cables (internal use only)
VZ.TPR.9426   General Guidelines for FOC Testing and Reporting
VZ.TPR.9427   Generic Requirements for Passive Optical Components
VZ.TPR.9428   Pedestal Terminal Closures
VZ.TPR.9429   Generic Requirements for Below-Grade Fiber Distribution Hubs
VZ.TPR.9430   Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cable
VZ.TPR.9431   Multi-Fiber Optical Connectors
VZ.TPR.9432   Hardened Multi-Fiber Optical Connectors (HMFOC)
VZ.TPR.9433   Test Requirements for Bifurcation Tubes
VZ.TPR.9434   12 & 24 Port Transmit Receive Units
VZ.TPR.9435   Requirements for Moving Fiber Optic Test Equipment
VZ.TPR.9436   Single Fiber, Single-Mode Mechanical Splices and Splicing Systems
VZ.TPR.9437   Premises Fiber Optic Cable
VZ.TPR.9438   Test Requirements for Fiber Closure Brackets
VZ.TPR.9439   Fiber-Drop Splice Closures
VZ.TPR.9440   FOC Passive Demarcation Point
VZ.TPR.9441   Test Requirements for Improved Bend Performance Fibers
VZ.TPR.9442   Optical Cable Microducts and Accessories
VZ.TPR.9443   Test Requirements for Side Mount Brackets for FDH
VZ.TPR.9444   Sample Size for Multiple Connector Types Made at Multiple Locations
VZ.TPR.9445   Factory Audit Requirements
VZ.TPR.9446   Craft Interaction & Connector Installation and Removal Procedure
VZ.TPR.9447   Field Spliceable Optical Connectors
VZ.TPR.9448   Launch Fiber Reel for OTDR
VZ.TPR.9449   Field Use Optical Connector Polishing Machine
VZ.TPR.9450   Universal Test Sets (UTS)
VZ.TPR.9451   FOC Test Plan and Test Report Template
VZ.TPR.9452   FOC Validation Process (internal use only)
VZ.TPR.9453   Quality Audit Process
VZ.TPR.9454   FOC Audit Process

VZ.TPR.9455   Declaration of Readiness by FOC ITL for Factory Audit

VZ.TPR.9456   GR to TPR Cross-Reference

VZ.TPR.9457   MDU Fiber “G.657-B.3” Coating Test Requirement

VZ.TPR.9458   Endface Geometry Test Equipment Repeatability and Accuracy Validation Procedure

VZ.TPR.9459   Test Requirements for Buffered/Protected Optical Fiber with Adhesive Assemblies for Residential Use

VZ.TPR.9460   Test Requirements for Multi-Mode Fiber

VZ.TPR.9461   Test Requirements for Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Connectors

VZ.TPR.9462   Requirements for Blown Optical Fiber, Optical Fiber Cables and Fiber Units

VZ.TPR.9464   Test Requirements for High Density Fiber Distribution Frames and Patch Panels

VZ.TPR.9500 Series     CPE Documents
VZ.TPR.9501   NEBS Requirements for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
VZ.TPR.9502   OPSU and BBU NEBS Testing Requirements
VZ.TPR.9503   SFU ONT Backup Battery Reserve Time Test Plan
VZ.TPR.9504   JI-ONT NEBS Testing Requirements
VZ.TPR.9505   NEBS CPE Compliance Checklist
VZ.TPR.9506   MDU ONT Backup Battery Reserve Time Test Plan

VZ.TPR.9507   NEBS Requirements for MDU Indoor ONT

VZ.TPR.9508   FiOS Battery NEBS Testing

VZ.TPR.9509   Outdoor FMPS NEBS Testing Requirements

VZ.TPR.9600 Series     ITL Documents
VZ.TPR.9601   Heat Release Calculation and Mitigation Planning

VZ.TPR.9700 Series     Data Centers/VHO/SHE Documents
VZ.TPR.9702   NEBS Requirements for SHE/VHO Equipment
VZ.TPR.9703   Data Center Equipment NEBS Requirements

VZ.TPR.9800 Series     Product Specific Documents
VZ.TPR.9801   Fuel Cell Systems NEBS Testing Requirements
VZ.TPR.9802   Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery Qualification Test Requirements

VZ.TPR.9803   Qualification Requirements for Fire Suppression Systems used in Verizon Central Office and Battery Room Equipment Space
VZ.TPR.9804   Qualification Requirements for Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Cells, Batteries and Battery Strings

VZ.TPR.9807   Qualification Requirements for Sodium Metal Halide Cells, Cell Strings and Batteries

VZ.TPR.9808   HVAC Systems NEBS Requirements

VZ.TPR.9810   Qualification Requirements for Li-ion Batteries-Issue 1